Drôme Provençale

It is impossible to resist this delightful region! Anyone who comes here for the first time is left speechless by the beauty of its authentic landscapes and white stone villages, so typical of South-East France. And anyone who knows this region already cannot get enough of it: “This is our own little peace haven” we hear people say… Then it turns to true love: “We discover new things each year…

This region is magnificent, it smells wonderfully, the people are friendly and the places magical, and far away from crowded places, we enjoy swimming in unspoilt rivers!” Drôme Provençale has tremendous charm, an endearing secret nature, a Southern temper, it is simply unique!

Drôme Provençale is a region of transition between Dauphiné and Provence located on the foothills of Mount Ventoux, but it clearly marks an inclination for the South. This is where the climate becomes Mediterranean, where the sun shines a bright white light, where the Mistral wind blows the clouds away to give the sky its shade of blue which painters love so much.

This is also the place where landscapes add lavender and olive green to their palette, and where the breeze carries Mediterranean scents and vibrates with cicada warbling. Drôme Provençale is something you experience – whether for the time of a holiday or much more!

Drôme Provençale is the other Provence, the one we keep to ourselves!