When the bell of the Church of ‘Marie Mylène Sauveterre’ sounds, its echo is heard for miles around, telling the lost history of the Knights Templars. From those times resounds the initial name of the village of ‘Saint Raphéou’.

The Church of Saint-Raphaël

Built in 1137 by the Knights Templars, the church forms one of the village’s major features, as it depended on the Canon’s Chapter of the Cathedral of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux. This church truly is a masterpiece of 12th century Provençal romanesque architecture. The bell of the church named Marie Mylène Sauveterre, dates from 1732.

Funerary chapel

This chapel is a former funerary monument dating from 1846 and overlooks the whole valley of Solérieux and Saint-Restitut. It stands on the ruins of an old castle of which some remains subsist.