Suze la Rousse

Could it be the flamboyant colour of Marguerite des Baux’s hair which inspired the name ‘La Rousse’ – the red head? Or is it the warm colour of the stone? One thing for sure – Suze-La-Rousse is the incarnation of France’s History when incessant conflict took place between the Kingdom of France and its rivals of Provence. This town, throughout its history, was the symbol of the duality of power: the Lord’s power with a fortified castle, and religious power with the church and its campanile.

The Castle of Suze-La-Rousse

The Castle of Suze-La-Rousse is a 12th century medieval fortress embellished by a 15th century Renaissance courtyard. The castle underwent transformations between the 16th and 18th centuries – you will admire Provençal Gypseries there: decorative plasterwork. The museography is dedicated to the castle’s history as well as vine and wine work, since the castle actually houses the University of Wine.

The Old Village

Built on the slope of the Garenne woods, the highlight of the Old Village is its sloped cobbled streets or ‘calades’, its old houses and historical vestiges – all tokens of a rich architectural past.

La Garenne

The Garenne woods cover an area of 56 acres of woods which correspond almost exactly to the rocky plateau on which the castle was built. It comes as a splendid promenade area.

The Vine Science Garden or ‘Jardin ampélographique’

Strolling through the vines of ‘Jardin des Vignes’, the ampelographic park of the town, just a few meters from the castle, is a wonderful way to feel at one with the origins of wine!