Cycling along the Rhône on the Viarhôna

Comfortably seated on a saddle, hair in the wind, eyes filled with colours and landscapes, the silence of nature, there is no doubt that the ViaRhôna is already unfolding under your wheels. The ViaRhôna is a different way to enjoy an exceptional holiday, between heritage and remarkable sites, via gourmet trails and natural areas.

Length of the itinerary in France = 506 miles

The itinerary starts in Saint-Gingolph and ends in Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, with the claim of one day linking up Switzerland to the Mediterranean Sea. The cycling path is a two-way road; many choices are available for organising cultural stops along the way. You can leave the cycleway and venture off to picturesque paths in search of authentic places: your next stop-off in Drôme Sud Provence.

The next stop-off in Drôme Sud Provence

From Donzère or Bourg Saint Andéol, this break off the cycleway in Drôme Sud Provence will fulfil your expectations. Culture, delicacies, wine, terroir or unusual objects, whatever your wish, you will find it here. Thanks to a linking path which is only a few miles long, no considerable effort is necessary to meet up with people and enjoy time together… and then simply take the time for a slower pace.

The ViaRhôna