The tropical glasshouse is classified as a botanical garden, there are over 600 animals including several species of semi-free crocodiles: here you are at the Crocodile Farm! With over 300,000 visitors each year, the Crocodile Farm, located in the heart of Drôme Provençale, is the most visited tourist site in the Drôme district.

Ideal for a family excursion on the trail of endangered species, such as Gharials, African dwarf crocodiles and Chinese alligators, this park invites you to a tour full of surprises. From the rare specimens of albino alligators, to reticulated pythons, wildlife abounds for you to enjoy. The staff is ”100% engaging, 100% engaged” – they welcome you in this green haven where 12 species out of 24 Crocodilians live alongside birds free to roam in the greenhouse, as well as turtles and iguanas, etc. A whole day is necessary for this visit spent between commented feeding, times of shared discovery and events to be found along the itinerary.

In order to raise awareness in a playful and educational manner, the Crocodile Farm organises several daily events dedicated to the discovery of these exceptional animals:
Time slots of shared discovery are spread out on a regular basis so you can learn everything about reptiles

It is possible to see the animals being fed. Opening times (summer season of 2018):

  • Crocodiles = every Sunday at 3pm
  • Turtles = every day at 11.30am
  • Birds = every day at 4.30pm
  • Iguanas = from Monday to Friday at 10.30am and at the week-end at 1.30pm