Wandering around the perched villages

Nothing is more majestic than these old medieval fortifications built from the 11th to the 13th century. These perched villages where time seems to stand still, look as though they are reaching for the sky! Coming to the maze of their stone streets is the opportunity to enjoy the view of exceptional landscapes and a warm atmosphere

Villages with unbelievable landscapes

These villages, perched high on hills and cliffs, offer panoramas worthy of beautifully illustrated books, of stunning photos and of your best memories. Built high for strategic reasons, these villages overlook the Drôme Valley and consist of architectural masterpieces because of their apparent stone. On a beautiful sunny day, thanks to the coolness of the calades (sloped cobbled streets), these villages become essential to your stay. From Clansayes to La Garde Adhémar, from Saint Restitut to Rochegude, each of our perched villages has its own character with that particular trait to charm visitors..

Most beautiful villages of France

La Garde Adhémar overlooks the Valley, like a protective rampart against a long-gone enemy. The bell tower of Saint Michel is one of the representations of Provençal romanesque architecture, around which stretches a wonderful herb garden. Strolling through the lanes and falling under the spell of this unspoilt village is something you should plan if you want holiday memories to cherish and share!

Our perched villages

The perched villages of Drôme Sud Provence, where time seems to stand still, look as though they are reaching for the sky.

Their stone lanes are almost an invitation to lose your bearings, until you reach that exceptional view displayed at your feet. Like a timeless trip to calm and softness, the warm atmosphere of these Provençal villages is a delight to adults and children alike.