Lavender inspires anyone with dreams of promenades amid this cool-scented purple and blue ocean. Our childhood memories of our grandmothers’ wardrobes, or of family holidays, make it a major identifier of summer in Provence. From mid-June to mid-July, follow the Lavender Trail and meet our producers so as to learn all there is to know about the virtues of this very renowned plant.

A plant with unsuspected properties

Already used in the Ancient World, this plant has all at once therapeutic, cosmetic, and culinary properties. On the Lavender Trail in Drôme Sud Provence, three varieties grow: lavandin (hybrid lavender), spike lavender and true lavender. Its colour, scent and effects make it a fascinating plant which reveals all its secrets here.s.

Where can you see lavender?

The famous ‘Routes de la Lavande’ – Lavender Trails, lead keen visitors to lavender fields and farms alike, as they wish. Small paths in the heart of Drôme Sud Provence are the opportunity to marvel at unsuspected landscapes and places, the beauty of which makes the reputation of this holiday destination.

Guides and tips for a successful holiday!

Lavender in bloom lets itself be admired only in June and July. The harvest is defined by precise climate conditions. It depends on the level of humidity. After a long rain-free period, the harvest may take place at an earlier date, but a storm may postpone it. Each year the blossoming and colours change, thus offering new inspiring landscapes.

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